A Writing Life: Ignoring the Noise

Monday, March 6, 2017

Ignoring the Noise

I'm an extrovert. A pretty strong one. I like people. I like to talk. I thrive on many things happening at once.

Any yet I'm recognizing these days that life has gotten a bit too noisy.

Let me explain. In a world where information is available all day, every day, constantly, along with updates from friends, family, acquaintances, and neighbors, we could truly go every second without a break.

And as outgoing as I am, that's no good. I don't think it's good for anyone, but I can only speak for myself here. I'm in the middle or writing my next book. And then I have another to write after that and another after that. No big shocker. I'm a writer. I write.

But I've struggled to write lately because I've allowed too many people in my head.

And I can't write with so many noises going on in my head. So I decided to clear things out. I've re-worked my phone to have distracting apps tougher to get to, or I deleted them completely. I've made the first page of my phone anything truly important to my daily life. Everything else I have to swipe once or twice to get to. It may sound silly, but that few extra seconds gives me time to think if I really want to get distracted or not. Most of the time, I choose not to.

I'm working on using a Bullet Journal instead of different To Do lists or calendars. (And I'm loving it, by the way.) If you're unfamiliar with the concept, you can check the website Bullet Journal. There are also some great Instagram sites that show different ways to Bullet Journal. It's pretty cool.

And I'm recognizing what drains my writing emotional armies and I'm tossing those out as well. 

For me, this is obsessing over criticism, thinking about what others may or may not think of my writing, and anything that has to do with numbers or followers. I can have a gazillion followers, but if I write crappy books, what's the point.

I have a quote stuck to my computer:
"Keep your focus on your books. All the marketing in the world won't matter if the books don't hook readers and keep them wanting more." - Marie Force

I'd rather write great books for a small amount of people then write ho-hum books for the masses. 

What about you? What kinds of noise crowds up your mind and distracts you from writing?

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  1. crazy sportsmoms...they don't know how to be a nice sideline mom