A Writing Life: 'Tis The Season

Monday, January 2, 2017

'Tis The Season

I decided to take off the month of December. I still did some writing, but nothing with deadlines. True, honest, creative writing. And I loved it. Soaked in time with my friends and family, all the while making sure to people watch in the airport, in the mall, and basically anywhere I went. Hey, I'm a writer. I don't ever take 100% of time off.

As I basked in the glow of being an elf for a few weeks, strolling stores and thinking of my loved ones as I went, then happily wrapping and placing under the tree new treasures for them to find, I noticed how often people apologize. Specifically in stores where there were lines or people waiting. Precious people working behind the counter at retail shops looked almost afraid someone might punch them if they didn't add up and bag their items in record time as if they were part of a pit crew and were being timed. I made sure to smile a lot and tell them it was fine, no worries. I engaged in chit-chat with them, if only to help get their heart rate down.

Are we really THAT stressed and busy that we can't wait for something anymore? One place I noticed it the most was in coffee shops. As I stood there waiting for my daily jolt of caffeine to be made, I thought, aren't I CHOOSING to add this to my day? Feeding my addiction adds time to my day and yet I get flustered for having to wait? It's not the barista's fault I wedged getting a coffee into my busy day. It's mine. And yet, I find myself tapping my foot and looking at my watch. I've got places to go! Things to do!

And yet...

Am I really SO busy that I can't even be kind to the person making me coffee? Is what I have to do SO vital that I have to move at Mach 2 just to stay on task?

I'm heading into the New Year not with resolutions but intention. I want to be intentional with my time. I find myself too often in a day saying, "You have plenty of time. You're not in a hurry." Why do I even have to remind myself of that? Truly. It's not good. I've pulled back - a lot - on social media and other time suckers. It's astounding how many more hours I have in a day. I even have days where I can go to a coffee shop, order, wait patiently, then sit and sip it. Unbelievable. 

Over the holidays I was able to soak in time with my kids, every moment precious now that The Girl Child is in college and only here visiting for a few weeks. I'm working on my calendar for January making sure my days aren't so jammed packed that I'm a constant stress ball. I guess in many ways my priorities got out of whack and I'm getting them back in line.

Life flows in seasons. 'Tis the season for me to think different. This past year brought a lot of changes for me and my household. There is much in the New Year that is unknown, yet to be seen. But I'm going to be intentional about my schedule, making sure I go at a pace where kindness to others isn't blown over by my supposed need to move on to the next thing at breakneck speed.

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