A Writing Life: The Muse That Is Music

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Muse That Is Music

I'm working on a new book. My excitement of putting my character's story on paper is mixed with a sense of dread because I don't have my plot set in stone. I never do when I start a new book. I like to have a decent idea of where my characters are headed, but enjoy letting them guide me a bit as I write.

Sometimes it works for me to sit and stare at an empty computer screen until the words come. But many times my muse arrives when I got for a walk. And it almost always shows up when I listen to music.

I have had a love affair with music since I was a little girl. I couldn't go to sleep at night unless my radio was playing. One of my consequences when I disobeyed my parents was to not be able to listen to my radio for a day or two. Absolute torture. Put me in a time out. Don't allow me to go to playdates. Fine. Totally cool with that. But take away music? I thought I wouldn't survive. My mom also teased that if my schoolwork was set to music, I'd get straight A's. I know lyrics to songs from 25 years ago without blinking an eye. They're just there. Like old friends.

Some of my best writing ideas come when I'm listening to music. I'll be driving along and a song will come on and boom! A scene pops in my head with my characters. The words flow like a river from my mind to my notepad. (Don't worry. I write it all down once I've stopped driving. :) )

I make a playlist for each book I write. And most of the songs are in the books. Music inspires me. Each song a story of it's own.

What inspires you?

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