A Writing Life: Celebrate!

Monday, November 21, 2016


I read a blog not long ago by an author saying that in this business, the tide can change in a heartbeat. There are no guarantees. One year can hold a four book contract, the next, nothing. One book can sell like hot cakes, the next, not so much.

So celebrate!!

Celebrate each milestone no matter how big or small. I've taken that advice to heart and I'm glad I have. When I get a good word count done in a day, a mental high five is given (and some dark chocolate most often consumed. ;). When I write The End, I enjoy a lovely glass of wine with my husband. When a book releases, my family takes me out to dinner. Most of the time, champagne is involved.

I will always write. I know no other way to live.

But I'm not guaranteed anything in this business. So every step, I celebrate. It's an amazing journey, one I'm beyond grateful I get to travel. 

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