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Monday, September 19, 2016

#momlife #writinglife

I blog here about writing, but before anything else in my life, I'm a wife and a mom. I have three kids (maybe I've said that already. If so, bear with me as I repeat myself.) The Girl Child is 18 and has been at college for about two weeks now. Yes, I'm still adjusting. (See The Almost Empty Nester for details) My twin boys are 16. I can them Thing 1 and Thing 2.

The boys played football when they were younger, but decided to pursue other things in high school. The Girl Child is in college now, so my days of going to volleyball games are over. 

In a nutshell, life is mellow. 

And as much as I love it, it takes some getting used to. Our society as a whole is over scheduled and crazy busy. There are countless books out now on simplifying life and learning to say no so we aren't overbooked.

Some days I feel ours is the only family not racing from one thing to the next. It's weird.

And yet, it's also pretty wonderful.

I don't live in the present well. I'm a forward thinker. When I write a book, I can obsess over the deadline date and stress myself to no end about the bigness of the project rather than live in each day, each moment and write. Chip away at it one word, one sentence at a time.

One would think with my life being more mellow, I'd have more writing time. And I do. But I have to be careful there too. Taking on too much and making my schedule overly busy in my work life because things are a big mellow doesn't do me any favors.

The #momlife and #writinglife are an interesting mix. An awesome one, to be sure. But one that takes intentional balance. And quieting the voices that tell you there's more to be done, more to accomplish, more to overcome - more, more more...

Me? I'm good with less. Less stress. Less busyness. Less of more.

Less, less, less works for me.

What about you? Are you feeling it's time to say less is more? The Almost Empty Nester


  1. I've been busy with sports for so long, I'm almost afraid of not having the busyness. We're in the throes of soccer season. Senior year for middle son. Youngest has rec soccer. Middle son doesn't want to play in college. Oh, yeah, he'll go to college next year. Trying not to cry thinking of it--that was the theme (sending kid to college) of the morning show on the radio. Oldest has LAX fall ball in college. Then we go straight into basketball season for middle and youngest. Spring will only entail college LAX. I've been on the never-ending cycle for so long, it seems normal. Not ready for a new normal=change. Crazy, huh?


    1. It's not crazy at all. When my boys left football, I totally mourned. It was what I knew. What I was used to. What would I do now? But you adjust. Truly. And I don't think there's anything wrong with kids in sports and activities. I really don't. But we were very intentional about dinner together as much as possible as a family. Make sure any down time wasn't filled, ya know? But my kid burned out. So, here we are with a more mellow schedule. And it has taken some time to get used to - it really has. I just think if we find some calm in the crazy, then that's good. :)

    2. Family dinner together, even if it meant we were/are eating at 8pm.

      Middle son wants to go to a D1 school, but he doesn't quite play at D1 level or it's not offered, so it's easy for him to give up soccer. I think he burned out, too. 5 of his 6 apps have been sent in. Now we wait. And pray for a full-tuition scholarship.

      Oldest plays D3 LAX, and he was recruited by a school that had his major for grad school. He's an automatic in as long as he keeps his GPA up.