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Monday, August 1, 2016

Wasted Time

I went to see Keith Urban in concert with a close friend, my daughter and her bestie. We made it a girls trip up to Tahoe. I've seen him in concert before so I knew it would be a great show. And it was. If you haven't listened to his music before, do so, you can thank me later. Whether you are a country music fan or not is irrelevant. He's a brilliant storyteller in my humble opinion. The fact that he can sing, play the guitar like a mad man, is gorgeous, and has the smoldering Aussie thing going on? All just bonuses. His most recent hit is called Wasted Time. A new favorite for me.

The day of the concert we went to the lake. We rented paddle boards and enjoyed time on the water. Swimming, paddling, laying on our boards chit-chatting about everything and nothing. We sat at a lakeside Greek cafe and had amazing gyros and greek salad. Shopping for cowgirl hats rounded out the day before we headed to the concert.

The opening acts were great and I soaked in my daughter Snapchatting the music, us singing - I even Snapchatted some myself. (This is a big deal. I was proud.) Keith's portion of the show began and we danced the night away, raising our glasses and singing along. (This pic cracks me up - the Girl Child raising her water bottle.) I even woke up the next morning with less of a voice from the merriment.

As much as we posted things on Snapchat and recorded things on our phones, for the most part, we were in the moment. Really. Singing, dancing. It was awesome. As Keith crooned on about love, I got about six scenes in my head I can use for a book. When he sang about wasted time, I thought of my toes in the sand earlier that day or the cool water against my skin as I swam.

It's life. Life is filled with all these tremendous moments. And they can be as big as my daughter going to college in a few weeks, or laughing with friends while floating on paddle boards in the lake. I love the song Wasted Time because he talks of how the best times of life could be labeled wasted time. I think it's up to us to define wasted.

Me? I'm grateful for every "wasted" moment. It inspires me, fills my world, and gives me something to write about.

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