A Writing Life: Owning My Time

Monday, August 8, 2016

Owning My Time

I start nesting when my kids go back to school. I get a little OCD nutty. As I've said before, I'm not that writer that sits with my butt in the chair 8-10 hours a day. Judge me if you will, but that's just not me.

I've been cleaning my office closet, helping the boys get their rooms organized and ready so their desks are clear for homework time, and honestly? Cleaning out drawers. It makes me happy. Again, don't judge.

It's easy to compare to other authors and their journeys. I was thinking the other night about an author saying she'd written 65 books. That's freaking awesome. And I'll admit, I felt bad for a few minutes. I did the stupid thing and compared my journey to hers. Then I thought, I may write 10 books, I may write 50. But I will own my time and my journey.

It frustrates me a little when successful authors say there's only one way to make it in this business. Or that if we have coffee dates or actual time with other human beings, we won't be successful. I work hard. I sit my butt in the chair and get it done. Just not the same way someone else does, or for the same amount of time. And that's fine. As I said, they'll probably write more books than me. I applaud them. But I don't want to place my writing life next to theirs and see how I measure up.

It's my time, and I will own it. 

I won't justify that I like to go to Crossfit three to four times per week. Yes, that cuts into time I could be writing. But it also gets me moving, is something social for me, and frees my mind up for a bit. I've had some of my best story or character ideas during a workout.

I won't justify that it's summer and my kids are all home, my daughter leaving for college in a few weeks, and we spend quite a bit of time watching Disney movies and baking cookies. Could I be writing then? Yep. But I'm not. I'm soaking in this time with my kids that I will never get back. Nesting and preparing our home and them for the school year is important to me as well. It gets done.

I won't justify that I spent three hours the other day having coffee with my a heart friend who I haven't really seen or talked to in months. And it was awesome. No phones, no distractions. Just good, old fashioned conversation and connection. Loved it.

It's my time, and I will own it.  

Will I meet my deadlines to my publisher? Yep. I have my writing time mapped out. I always do. It's all a part of my time. I own it and get my work done. 

There's no finish line for writers. We are always writing, whether on paper or in our heads. But it doesn't mean it's all I ever do. I won't write my tenth book and go, Yep, that's it. Call it a day. I'll keep writing. How many books - who knows? But I own my time, all of it. I spend it on what I value, and the writing always comes....


  1. As long as it works for you!! I have a quirky routine too!!