A Writing Life: It Never Gets Old

Monday, August 15, 2016

It Never Gets Old

This Thursday is release day for my next book, Loving Kate!
And one thing I love about writing is, 

It never gets old. 

Every book is a fresh start with new characters, even if they're linked to previous books. 

Every book has it's own set of fears and stress and deadlines. 

Every book has it's moments of "Yes! That's it. That's the scene I wanted to write."

Every book is a journey with twists and turns that keep life exciting. 

Every book has a release day with that moment where I get to hold a paperback in my hand for the first time and...

It never gets old.

I love this writing gig. I thank God every day I get to do it. And I'm beyond excited to share this book with everyone. 

Happy Reading!! 

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