A Writing Life: Sick Days

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sick Days

Last week I came down with a nasty cold/flu thing. I don't get sick often (thank God) but this knocked me down. My throat was so sore at night it hurt to swallow, and I was achy. Lord, so achy. Such an awful feeling.
I'm not here to whine and complain. I'm grateful for modern medicine and that it's summertime, which means my kids are home and my days are a bit more mellow. Having a kid driving doesn't hurt either - The Girl Child handled lots of what I normally need to. (God bless her.)

But what's funny is that in my intensely mellow state, all I wanted to do was write. Propped up in bed with my laptop, blogging, journaling, working on my current book... I loved it. Not that I don't love my writing on other days, but it's funny how being sick almost forced me to slow down. It kept me at a pace where I was Writer Lara without the guilt of getting a ton of other things done.
It was an unusually cool week too, which I was both grateful for and ecstatic about. (I hate hot weather and our summers get HOT. As in, the high next week is 105. :-/ ) My window was open and the breeze was flowing through. And I was writing. So lovely.

I'm not a very good patient. I don't sit still well. I'm a doer. I have to work at being. But I liked the sick days (minus the sick part ;) just embracing my limitations and soaking in the writing time.

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