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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Live Life In Pencil

I was sick a couple weeks ago. Like, flat out, no energy, did nothing but read and write for days kind of sick. Not bad, really (see previous post).

But I learned an important lesson about myself. 

I want to live life in pencil.

You see, I'm a planner. A scheduler. I live and die by my calendar. I used to use the calendar on my phone but recently went back to a paper and pen day planner. I love it. But I use pen. And in doing so, I stress myself out. 

The day I woke up with a raging sore throat and zero energy, I whined to my husband in full drama queen mode that this was not good timing! I had things to do. Stuff written on my calendar-in pen!!! In his vast wisdom (after being with me 20+ years) said, "Babe. You put things on your calendar then act like they're set in stone. Look at the next few days, move stuff around, and take the rest your body obviously needs."

Move stuff around?? But it's written in pen!! 

Did he not see the vastness of the situation?

However, I trust his judgment, so I did what he advised. And funny thing, the world didn't stop turning and I even ended up getting a ton of writing done since it was about all I could muster the energy for. 

So I've made a decision. 

I want to live life in pencil. 

It doesn't mean certain things are now less important. But it does mean (at least in my mindset now) that I control my schedule instead of the other way around.

What about you? Does your schedule control you or do you control it? Are you a pen or pencil living kind of person?

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