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Monday, May 23, 2016

Writing Is Therapy

My Girl Child is graduating from high school this week. I'm a mess.


Two weeks ago I read ten books in ten days and wrote four chapters. Last week I relaxed, journaled, watched great TV shows I love, and focused on just being. I soaked in moments with the kids, laughed a lot, and cried at random times.    

I look around for story ideas. But sometimes the best ideas come from our own story. The main character in my WIP is a woman who is a mom. I've been able to channel some of my emotion into her story, bringing raw emotion to the writing as well as it being therapeutic for me. 


Writing is therapy. It helps me process not only the world around me but also helps me process what's going on inside as well.

This will be an emotional week for me. But I will embrace it, soak it in, and use my journey in my writing. 

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