A Writing Life: What percentage is business and what percentage is writing

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What percentage is business and what percentage is writing

I feel as if I'm in a constant struggle between the writer in me and the businesswoman in me. Every day an uphill battle with very few glee-filled rides down the other side. I'm just trudging up with with no mountain top in sight. No other side to relax and glide down.

The writing life isn't what it used to be. My mom is a writer. I grew up around it. There were publicists and marketing teams. My mom's time was mostly writing. She'd show up for a book signing or event, but one that her publicist had planned and organized. Mom just had to show up.

These days, the businesswoman side of me spends quite a bit of time reading through blogs about marketing ideas, seeking wisdom from others in the business about how to best get the word out on books. And with the multiple choices of social media out there today, it can be beyond overwhelming. I can get sucked into hours of this before I even realize it. I need to prioritize my time.

Because the writer side of me gets pushed aside. Lost. And I hate that.

Last week I was talking to my husband about this and said I feel like 90% of my time is businesswoman and 10% is writer. I want to flip flop those. So I did. I sat down and looked at how much time I really needed to spend on marketing and social media. And if I truly get in, do the work, and get out, it's not a lot. The not getting distracted part is key. (And rather challenging, I hate to admit.) But it's doable. I promise.

I've spent the past week putting my writing time above other things. It's funny how it's the one thing I really want to do with my time, and yet I push it away over and over again. So I've been intentional about doing it first and then moving on to business mode instead of the other way around. And a funny thing happened - no one got angry with me for not returning emails that second, my social media has not changed in a negative way, and I've gotten gobs of writing done. I've even had time to journal and read. Fancy that! I read three books in the last four days. My brain is sprouting ideas left and right and I Am Loving It. 

Will things always be this beautiful? Will words flow like honey every day? Nope. I've been writing long enough to know that for a fact. But in making Writer Lara 90% of my work day and Businesswoman Lara 10% of my work day, I'm getting a heck of a lot more done. 

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