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Friday, January 22, 2016

Stories Are Everywhere

I've talked recently here about my relationship with anxiety. And thankfully, we've gotten along well lately. I've removed a lot of things that I noticed invite anxiety to hang out with me more than I would like. And it's helping. 

I'm less nervous. More myself. I'm less suspicious of the world around me and because my face is in my phone less, I'm more apt to chat and engage with others around me. And I'm reminded of something I've always known but need a shot of an "oh yeah" every once in a while. 

Stories are everywhere. 

The Hubby and I just traveled to Vegas together for a conference. On the flight there I found myself chatting with the man next to me. Nothing monumental was discussed, but I learned he travels a lot and feels the TSA pre-approved fee is worth every penny. We agreed that travel jusy isn't what it used to be and reminisced about the good old days when they actually served you a meal on a flight - with a tray and real silverware and everything! 

Later in my journey, I wandered into a beautiful high-end jewelry store to admire all the shiny, lovely pieces within the glass cases. I met Daniel who worked there and learned that the store name means flower and that their new line of jewelry was inspired by vintage pieces. 

Are these important things to know? Not necessarily. But there could potentially be a jewelry store owner in a book I write down the road. Or my character may have a life-altering conversation with someone on a plane. 

People love to tell their stories. They're everywhere. I'm ready to listen...

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