A Writing Life: Three Apps That Have Changed My Writing Life

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Three Apps That Have Changed My Writing Life

I talked in my last blog post about tapping out. Being exhausted and needing a change. So, I decided to take a long, hard look at my life and see what could stay and what could go. It's been an intersting and educational couple of weeks, to say the least.

Here are three apps that have changed my world:

1) Seize The Day - I noticed that when I put writing into my calendar at a certain time, I would get super stressed if that time came and I was still doing a grocery store run because my day got pushed back due to a child being home sick. If I wasn't in my office at that exact time writing for that exact amount of time, I was a hot mess. So, now I have three apps that have changed my schedule and quite frankly, my daily llife. Some writers say they won't get writing done if they don't have it on their calendars. That doesn't work for me. Instead, I now use my calendar for literal appointments that happen at set times. I use the app Seize The Day for my To Do list. I have certain days of the week set aside for writing, yes, but that is now on my To Do app for those days and not my calendar. I know I will get to it, I just don't have aa set time breathing down my neck.

2) Word - Although I do have set days of the week set aside for writing, that doesn't mean a scene only pops in my head on those days or an idea only materializes during a certain time frame. My laptop crashed a few years ago so I use my iPad as my mobile writing device. Hence, where the Word app comes in. (Some people prefer Pages. I like that one too. It's a preference thing.) Because my iPad is so mobile, it's easy for me to take it wherever I go. With stressing over having certain set hours of writinig time, came the (self-imposed) pressure to write a crap ton word count during said time period. 
Now, I write for 45 minutes here, an hour there, wherevever I am, and sure enough, by the end of the week, I've hit a pretty decent word count. 

3) Wordly - This app has changed my writing life. I used to keep track of word count on a spreadsheet. It was brain damage. With this app, I hit "Start Writing" and it clocks how long I work. I hit "Stop Writing" and it asks for how many words I wrote in that time period. It tracks total words, total hours, average words per hour, percentage of manuscript completed, words per week, per month...a laundry lisst of useful information that helps me stay organized. I adore this app. 

Three apps that are changing not only my work life but home life as well. These, mixed with pulling back a ton from social media, has greatly reduced my stress level, added time to my day, and made me more productive as a writer.

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