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Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Writer Must Write

I have heard people say if a writer is procrastinating or not always pulled towards their work chair, they aren't a writer. That bugs me. A lot. Because I can procrastinate with the best of them and I am most certainly not always pulled towards my work chair. 

And I'm a writer.

Here's the thing (and I'm sure I've said it before) - a writer is always writng. I am always watching people for character ideas. I am always thinking up scenes in my head. I'm jotting things down on the notes app in my phone or on a notepad I carry in my purse. 

I don't believe writing is only defined by how many words are put on a page in a day or how many hours are spent over a computer keyboard. 

However, a writer must write. I may procrastinate and my butt may not be drawn to my office chair every moment of every day, but I must write

I was in between working on books recently and noticed I was gettng quite cranky and frustrated. And about the silliest llittle things in life. I was antsy. And I couldn't figure out why. Then I noticed that after I wrote a blog or even scribbled in my journal, I was better. 

I must write. 

I am now worknig on another book and although that brings it's own set of stress, I'm much calmer. Focused. When I'm writing, all that stuff swirlling around my head has somehwere to land. Not unlike Professor Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series when he takes his memories and thoughts from his head with his wand and stores them in a cauldron. Sadly, I don't have a magic wand or a cauldron, but I do have a pen and paper. And that works for me. 

I must write. 

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