A Writing Life: Adjusting My Focus

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Adjusting My Focus

I'm an extrovert. I like people. Talking to people, meeting new friends, hearing people's stories. So I really do enjoy social media.

But lately I have started to feel like it rules me and my time instead of the other way around. And not only does it suck away time in my day, it also gives me blurry vision. I get so much in my head that I can't focus anymore on one thing at a time. 
There are a few things that help me find my focus again: 

1) Re-organize my phone - I don't know about you but I live and die by the info and apps on my phone. And if all my social media is right there on the home screen staring me down, begging to be looked at, I cave. I keep the stuff I truly need on the front page and make the distracting stuff harder the find.

2) Turn off notifications -  I did this a few months ago when I noticed how stressed I was. I'm the type that sees that little number next to my email app or Facebook and feels I HAVE to check, and return, every email right then. Or I need to see what notifications are on social media immediately. Without the notifications on, I can check when I want without that little red number staring me down every time I look at my phone. 

3) Set a timer when on social media - I decided to check my social media 3 times a day for 15 min each time. So that's it. I go in, set my 15 minute timer, do my thing, then done. 45 minutes in a whole day is more than enough time for me to check my author sites, chat with people, post some stuff and move on. 

Since doing the above I've noticed: 
- I'm more in the moment. My phone is away and I'm focused on what I'm doing or who I'm with. My brain isn't full of stuff I just read on social media. And I'm not wondering all the time if I'm missing something. Because I'm not. It's there at my next 15 minute session. 
- I enjoy the time on social media more. I'm giving it my full attention, so I'm getting more out if it. 
- I'm more in touch with the world around me. Instead of immediately pulling out my phone and checking facebook while I stand in line at the store, I actually chat with the person behind me or I flip through a magazine like I used to in the "old days." 

I have no problem with social media. Like I said, I enjoy it. But I'm not productive in my life or work with fuzzy vision. I need to make sure I control my time, not let my mind get blurry. Adjust my focus.

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  1. Yo Lara. I ALWAYS love your posts. This was killer. And I'm also testing your comments box. xoxo :)