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Monday, July 27, 2015

Keep It Simple

I have three kids. A daughter who is 17 and twin boys who will be 15 next week. (I call them Girly and Thing 1 and Thing 2) I'm an extrovert, totally. My husband, not so much. Our kids are what I would deem outgoing introverts. I'm their mother. They're going to be a tad outgoing. But their core nature is introverted. Alone time charges them. 

Thing 2 is pretty quiet. He's sharp as a tack, witty, and funny as hell. He misses nothing. 

And all of my kids are pretty good about not being social media crazy. (Which I am uber grateful for.) But Thing 2 is the most sensitive to when we as a family get trapped in our world of always staring at our phones. 

Thing 1 and Thing 2's birthday is in a week. We were chatting this morning about what they wanted to do. The extrovert in me was talking about a party, a weekend outing, a big event. Thing 2 looked at me and said, "Mom, I don't need all that. Can I just chill with a friend?" 


It took me a few minutes to try and wrap my head around this concept. No fanfare? No parade? No party? 

As I thought about it more I realized how grateful I am to this child. He keeps me grounded. He keeps his life simple. He focuses on the people right in front of him, not distracted by his phone or social media. He is contentment personified. 

I'm in awe of what I learn from my kids. 

I'm about to sit down and write my next book. And the lead up to that is so much more stressful that actually writing the thing. Truly. 

But I need to take a lesson from my son. Just chill. Don't get distracted. Be in the moment. Embrace what is. It all works out as it should. 

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