A Writing Life: California Dreamin'

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

California Dreamin'

It's summer. And I love summer. I'm not a hot weather person necessarily, but I like the season. Summer season means my kids are home, our schedules are mellow (unlike during the school year), and we get to just be.

Yesterday, I laid next to the pool and stared at the sky. Kicking my feet in the water, I listened to music and took in the clouds floating by. I watched the bright red dragonfly that lives in my backyard as it floated around me. I listened to the birds rustling the leaves of the trees. Contentment coursed through my veins as I soaked it all in. I live in California so I guess it's safe to say I did some California Dreamin'.

I've been fortunate enough so far to not have deadlines during the summer. This will not always be the case, and that's okay. But I'm learning that in taking this time off to daydream and relax, ideas for stories and characters are popping up everywhere. I write them down in my notebook then continue with my chill time.

I think we get so caught up in the "shoulds" of life. I should be writing. I should be doing character sketches. I should be researching for that next book. Do all of those things need to happen? Of course. But if that's all we ever do, we may burn out and not stop to kick our feet in the water and get the next story idea.

That goes for reading too. I've let go of my guilt of not being deep into reading right now and have embraced watching reruns of Friends with my kids or Mythbusters or Shark Week. You'd be amazed at how much creativity weaves through my head during those times.

The super cool part of doing some California Dreamin' is I'm itching to get back into my office. Excited to look over the notes I've taken, the ideas I've come up with and play with those. Character sketch. Write. Create.

And the beautiful thing is I can do some California Dreamin' anytime, anywhere. I just need to toss the "shoulds" aside.

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