A Writing Life: Then And Now

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Then And Now

As a writer and a reader things are different now than they used to be. I know, I know. Nothing is. There are advancements in technology and 
e-readers have rocked the publishing world. 

But I'm talking more about the individual. As a reader, I used to read the back of a book jacket and get a paragraph or two of information on the author. I would wonder where they lived, what their favorite books were, and what their process was in writing. I would think of how nice it would be to write them a note telling them how much I loved their book. If only I had an address or somewhere to send such note. 

Now, I can follow authors on Facebook and Twitter, along with other forms of social media. Not only can I tell them how much I liked their book, I also now know their dog's name and favorite dessert. 

As a writer, I used to sit in Borders and journal, tap away on my laptop, sip coffee, and soak in the atmosphere. Books all around. Others sitting nearby reading or writing as well. 

I would pour over Writer's Market for hours making spreadsheets of which publishing houses would take my submission and what editors to send my proposal to. 

Now, bookstores are hard to find and everything is on-line. Go to a web-site and voila! You have all the info you need on a publishing house. 

Don't get me wrong. I love the advancements. Social media has done wonders for authors and I have formed networks and friendships I never would have been able to before. 

But I'll be honest. There's a part of me that sometimes misses the mystery. The wonder that came from reading a book and knowing little of the author. 

I guess in some ways, I can have the best of then and now. I can still journal in a coffee shop and wonder what inspires other authors. Or I can look on social media and see what they've been up to that day. 

Overall, it's a pretty cool time to be a writer and reader. 

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